How to shave? Smooth and does not harm the skin.

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How to shave? Smooth and does not harm the skin. Shaving is a routine that most men do in their daily life. To make the skin on the face look clean. Shaving can make you feel refreshed and confident in your look. And it is a process that requires consistency, accuracy, and caution. To get good results on the skin on the face. Report from สมัคร ufabet

Equipment used for shaving

  • Razor : A razor is a device used to trim beard hair. Razors can be divided into several types: Double-blade razors, straight razors, or even electric shavers.
  • Shaving cream or gel (Shaving Cream) : Cream or gel for shaving. It is a product used to create lather to help smooth the skin in the shaving area and can make shaving more comfortable and smooth.
  • Aftershave cream : skin care with serum or after shaving cream It will help refresh the skin and reduce any inflammation or irritation that may occur after shaving.

Shaving process

1. Wash your face and clean your skin.

Before start shave. You should wash your face with clean water. Or use a gentle facial cleansing gel to wash away dirt and oil on your face. and bacteria that may be the cause of infection are removed. Because washing your face. Will moisturize your skin and make shaving easier.

2. Apply shaving cream or gel.

Apply shaving cream or gel over the area to be shaved. To make the skin and beard hair wet and slippery. Because it will make it easy and convenient to shave. Or you can use a brush to whip shaving cream into foam. It can make shaving even easier.

3. Shave

Use the razor that we choose to shave. Use your dominant hand to hold the knife horizontally. And start shaving in the appropriate direction, along the lines of the hair. and shave gently and gently Be careful not to put too much weight of the knife on the skin. And you should avoid shaving areas with inflamed acne or scars.

4. Wash your razor periodically.

Clean the blades periodically. This will keep the blades clean and remove any blockages or stubble from the first shave, making it easier to shave next time. and more neat

5. Wash your face again after shaving.

When finish shaving. Use clean water to wash your face. And clean soap stains or mustache stuck on the face. And use cloth absorb water on the face until it is completely dry

6. Use moisturizer after shaving.

After shaving, you should use. Aftershave product or use Moisturizer to nourish. The skin further to avoid irritation of the skin after shaving. Using creams that are gentle on the skin For people with sensitive skin or at risk of allergies and who want to avoid allergic reactions. You should choose products that reduce irritation and help add moisture to the skin.