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Mangoes are beneficial for digestion.

Mangoes are type of fruit that has good taste. Both raw and cooked fruits can be eaten gives high energy. They are an important dietary source of potassium, dietary fiber and vitamins. Many people believe that mangoes may have anti-diabetic, cancer, inflammation, infection and anti-oxidant properties. Many

Foods that are friendly to people with anemia.

People with anemia should focus on eating foods that are high in iron. Because iron helps in the creation of red blood cells. Therefore, it may help treat anemia. You may consider 5 types of food as follows:  1. Red meat Red meat, such as beef, is a

Taro is useful in helping maintain health.

Taro is a type of tuber that has a mildly sweet taste and a slightly oily texture, similar to starch or potato tubers. Thai people like to use taro as an ingredient in various menus. Such as fried and taro in curry. Apart from the delicious

Caviar has many health benefits as follows:

Caviar or sturgeon eggs It’s a small fish egg. It is light green or black in color and has a salty, oily and slightly fishy taste. Caviar is a luxurious appetizer often found on expensive Western menus. But apart from the luxurious appearance. Caviar also has some health benefits that

The most accurate way to stop a nosebleed

When children or even some adults have a congenital disease, namely “nosebleeds“ caused by ruptured capillaries in the nasal cavity. may be caused by irritation Nasal septum injury Blow your nose hard The air pressure changes when going uphill. or get on a plane Respiratory infections, cold air, low humidity, and other respiratory

Lime juice has more health benefits than you might think.

Lime, sour, refreshing Lime is a fruit from the same family as oranges. Contains water containing many organic acids such as citric acid, malic acid, ascorbic acid. It is also a source of vitamin C. and other minerals such as potassium, calcium and phosphorusin terms of medicinal properties Lemon helps

Starving “dinner” does not help “lose weight”

Anyone who is thinking of losing weight by starvation method stop thinking. In addition to not really helping to lose weight, it also destroys health . Information from UFABET indicates that many people believe that If you want to lose weight “Stop dinner. losing weight fast”. Because he saw that dinner was not important. Can

Which brand of whey protein for women, 2023, builds muscles

Which brand of whey protein for women is good in 2023 Who wants whey protein to help control weight? But I don’t know which brands are there. and how much Let’s collect information for decision making. Whey protein is considered a protein supplement for people who want to build muscle