Tah hopes to continue Leverkusen great season.

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Jonathan Tah aims to lead Leverkusen to defeat Atalanta to claim the club’s first Europa League title on Wednesday.

Jonathan Tah, Leverkusen defender Expecting to lead Leverkusen team to defeat Atalanta and win another Europa League championship ยูฟ่าเบท. After winning the first Bundesliga title in the club’s history, according to a report from UFABET Germany on Tuesday, 

‘The important thing is that I’m here now and have really impressed this season. I am privileged to be involved in this campaign. And what a privilege it is to take part in a competition like this.’

‘It’s quite new for us to be involved in this type of competition. So we can’t wait for the first whistle to blow.’

Tah also recalls meeting Atalanta in the Round of 16 of the same competition in the 2021-2022 season, where Leverkusen team lost in Italy in the first game 2-3 before losing 0. -1 eliminated with a total score of 2-4 

‘We all remember our previous meetings with Atalanta very well. Both matches were very intense. We have grown as a team and have made great strides. And we’re ready to make sure we don’t lose to them again.’

‘If you knew you were going to play in a final like this. It doesn’t have to leave much of its domestic success behind. Obviously when we’re on the beach this summer we’ll be taping it off, but we know we can make the season even better,’ Tah said.