Alonso reveals his driving force in Europa League.

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Being eliminated from the semi-finals of the Europa League became an incentive for Leverkusen Came back to do good work this season until successfully reaching the finals of this program.

Xavier Alonso, Trainer, Leverkusen Revealed that the defeat to Roma in the Europa League final last season was the motivation for the drugstore team to come back and perform excellently this season until soaring to the final against Atalanta this Wednesday. according to a report from UFABET Germany on Tuesday. 

‘I’m very young in this coaching career สมัคร ufabet. When I received an offer from Leverkusen So it’s like ‘Let’s go fight. Let’s see what happens.’ It’s only been a year and a half. But we made a lot of the right decisions. The attitude we have shown over the years has been outstanding.’

‘Already losing in this season’s semi-finals is a huge motivation. We’ve already talked about the feelings from last season. We’re close to reaching the finals. We have harnessed this disappointment to our advantage. When you enter the finals You don’t go there to make a record. But you go to win it. We will try and make one last effort.’

‘Our focus is on preparing for the game. We haven’t changed anything. We’ve played 51 games and we’ve talked a lot and it’s good that the players understand the different stages of preparation. Now our job is to win these next two games.’

‘We know that over the past five years Atalanta have had a very clear identity under Gian Piero Gasperini. We are very familiar with this team. But this is a team that continues to progress and improve. We’ve met similar teams in Germany.’

‘But the most important thing tomorrow is the mentality. We have a plan but the players still have a great atmosphere from celebrating the championship on Saturday. And we want to take advantage of that.’

Alonso also spoke about Victor Boniface, the Nigerian striker who has performed well in his first year with the drug club, saying: ‘I’m pleased with Boniface and the impact he’s had on us this season. We are helping him get back on track. Tell people from Nigeria that we are happy with us.’