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Sandro Tonali extends AC Milan contract until 2027.

Italy midfielder Sandro Tonali has extended his contract with AC Milan until 2027. The wages have been doubled as previously reported. The 22-year-old went to the Casa Milan headquarters with his agent. The contract has been sign with sporting director Paolo Maldini and Frederic Massara. Sandro Tonali

Aviva Stadium is ready to accept the elite team to kick European games during the mourning period.

Aviva Stadium in Dublin Republic of Ireland Considered to be a temporary home for the English Premier League team. Rented to kick off the European Club Championship mid-next week in case the country is in mourning. Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that after the English Premier League decided to suspend matchday #7 between Saturday and Monday to

Braithwaite: Dembele is better than Levan.

Espanyol striker Martin Braithwaite has hailed former Barcelona team-mate Ousmane Dembele. As a player who can make an impact more than others. Former Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite insists he is happy at Espanyol, claiming that Ousmane Dembele was a player who created The difference is

Inter Milan is not sure what to do with the new boss Chelsea with Lukaku.

Inter Milan director Giuseppe Marotta has yet to confirm Romelu Lukaku future on loan from Chelsea. Assuming new head coach Graeme Potter want to bring back to use Next season. It must be returned to the mother’s agency. Inter Milan rent – borrow ‘ Rom ‘ from ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ for the whole 2022-23 season with option

This brief but basic Texas Hold’em poker strategy.

For people who play Texas Hold’em poker online. It is advisable to choose an online casino carefully and see what each website has to offer that is worth it for us. And of course, don’t choose a casino with exaggerated offers. Because there is a high chance that

Guidelines: General Concepts for all Poker Types.

Learn how to play poker for beginners. With an easy guide to the basic concepts and rules of all poker types. Such as Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Stud many online casinos offer online poker. This is what makes poker the most popular card game in the