Only bothered to rule the world! Next year, Barcelona hunts Bernardo again.

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Barcelona have yet to move on from their targets with Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva. And Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta so the 2023 summer transfer window will win can give.

Reports from ‘ Deerio Sport ‘ that although the market has just closed. ‘ Barca ‘ will forcibly overwhelm players. Until the registration is not complete. But it seems there are still some goals that missed the job UFABET.

One of them is Bernardo who despite how much the players want to join the team. But because City ‘s price tag is expensive, up to 70 million euros ( about 60.7 million pounds ). It’s too difficult for ‘ Barca ‘ to be able to respond to avoid breaking Financial Fair Play rules. So have to pass first.  

However, the hot market in front of the ‘ Azul Grana ‘ financial situation improved. plus players who intend to shoot out would accumulate a large sum of money when snatching a Portuguese star player, which the installment must be reduced according to the number of years of commitment

Another income for Azpilicueta Spanish national team defender Although the new contract is renewed until June 2024 , but ‘ Azul Grana ‘ is confident in the attractiveness of the organization. Big enough to make ‘ Azpi ‘ help lobby for the agency to sell out at a reasonable price.