Inter Milan is not sure what to do with the new boss Chelsea with Lukaku.

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Inter Milan director Giuseppe Marotta has yet to confirm Romelu Lukaku future on loan from Chelsea. Assuming new head coach Graeme Potter want to bring back to use Next season. It must be returned to the mother’s agency.

Inter Milan rent – borrow ‘ Rom ‘ from ‘ Sing the Blues ‘ for the whole 2022-23 season with option to buy. But at the Bridge there was Thomas Tuchel as head coach and saw the 29 – year-old spear not in the plans UFABET 

Until now, the position was sent to Potter with a contract of up to five years. Intent on laying a strong foundation. Marotta had a hard time guessing what the good boss had planned for Lukaku.

“ This is new news. I don’t know if the replacement of the head coach will affect Lukaku ‘s future or not. ” Sky Sport Italia commented .

“ We want to bring out Lukaku ‘s best performance and then at the end of the season. Will sit and discuss with Chelsea what it is. “

” I don’t want to guarantee that the replacement of the head coach. Romelu must be automatically returned to the mother’s agency or not – it’s still difficult to decide today. ” 

Considered Marotta to come out with the best when the future is all possible Moreover. The Belgian Spear’s performance this trip quietly only made 1 goal , 1 assist. Three shots were injury in the muscles.