Guidelines: General Concepts for all Poker Types.

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Learn how to play poker for beginners. With an easy guide to the basic concepts and rules of all poker types. Such as Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha Stud many online casinos offer online poker. This is what makes poker the most popular card game in the world. 


1. Poker hand ranking All poker games are based on general poker rankings. which is used to determine which player’s hand will win in a poker game. Some poker games use general card rankings in different ways, for example, so that the lowest value cards are the most desirable. (Poker Low)

2. Bluffing It is possible to win a poker game without holding the best cards by bluffing your opponent. Bluffing usually involves showing confidence about your hand. It is a bet that indicates that your cards are better than they are. in the hope that your opponent will believe and do the fold instead of continuing to risk the bet UFABET  

3. Mandatory Bet Most poker requires a forced bet at the beginning of the hand. This is often called the ante or blind. Many of the game’s variations are small and large. For example a forced bet, for example the dealer places a bet of 500 baht, the other player must bet at least 500 or more. If any player bets more than 500, the other players and the banker must also place their bets

4. Whether you play poker at home at a real casino or online casino The banker’s role determines the betting order for the player to make bets. The game usually starts in a clockwise direction. based on the dealer The dealer is generally not one of the players. Therefore, the casino may randomly select the dealer and start the game at that table instead.

5. Betting Options After the forced bet The first betting round has begun. Players usually have the following betting options:

 It depends on their confidence about their cards.

  • Call is placing bets based on other players.
  • Raise is an increase in the size of the existing bet in the same betting round.
  • Fold is a hand fold. Shows that the player surrenders in that round. and lose the bet
  • Check until the first bet is placed in the betting round. Players can choose to check. (refuse to bet reserves the right to bet later in that round)
  • All in is an all in one bet. How much do you have to put them all?

6. Betting round in poker game Each betting round has the opportunity to use the betting options listed in the previous section. based on your confidence in your cards and recognition of the cards in the opponent’s hand All poker types have at least one betting round. While most poker has at least 2 rounds of betting,