Braithwaite: Dembele is better than Levan.

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Espanyol striker Martin Braithwaite has hailed former Barcelona team-mate Ousmane Dembele. As a player who can make an impact more than others.

Former Barcelona striker Martin Braithwaite insists he is happy at Espanyol, claiming that Ousmane Dembele was a player who created The difference is greater than Robert Lewandowski, according to Mundo Deportivo on Friday UFABET

Braithwaite became a surplus at Barcelona before both sides agreed to terminate the remaining two-year contract and the Danish forward signed a three-year deal with fellow city rivals Espanyol. Before making his debut as a real player and playing the role of a hero, scoring the winning goal for the Nokkeaw attacking Athletic Bilbao 1-0 last week.

‘People don’t know everything. They read the media and what they say is not true. It’s in the past and I’m happy now,’ said Braithwaite.

The 31-year-old then spoke about Dembele and Lewandowski, with the Poltergeist making headlines with a hat-trick leading Azul Grana to slut Victoria Pilsen. 5-1 in the Champions League group stage, but Braithwaite believes the French winger is more magical and can make a difference than the Poland international.

‘He made a difference. Lewandowski,’ said Braithwaite, ‘Ousmane is a very good boy, I like him a lot, he has a lot of talent. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Messi is something other than that. But I’ve never seen anyone like Ousmane.