Aviva Stadium is ready to accept the elite team to kick European games during the mourning period.

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Aviva Stadium in Dublin Republic of Ireland Considered to be a temporary home for the English Premier League team. Rented to kick off the European Club Championship mid-next week in case the country is in mourning.

Reports from ‘ Mail Online ‘ that after the English Premier League decided to suspend matchday #7 between Saturday and Monday to pay tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II .

It is expected that since the news of the death on Thursday, Sept. 8 ( local ). There will be a 10 – day mourning period UFABET

As a result, before football kicks / recreational activities can resume in the UK ( England , Scotland , Wales and Northern Ireland ). As early as Saturday 17 September Europa League.  

Sorted from Tuesday, Sept. 13 , Liverpool have an open queue for Anfield to deal with Ajax , Rangers FC. According to the plan, have to kick at the Ibrox Stadium, duel Napoli both The match is the Champions League Group A  Aviva Stadium

After 24 hours, Chelsea will meet Red Bull Salzburg at Stamford Bridge. While Manchester City will play at the Etihad Stadium against Dortmund.

Skip to Thursday 15 Sept. 

Arsenal play Europa League duel PSV Eindhoven at Emirates Stadium  

So in order to avoid having to postpone the upcoming midweek games. Clubs in the city are looking at Dublin’s Aviva as a temporary rental option. As well as Finn Park at Bally bofey. Even up to more than 300 kilometers.  

Even the spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office The United Kingdom ( GCAS ). Allows football to be played normally during mourning.  

But UK football clubs, wanting to express their gratitude to Queen Elizabeth II. Asked to transfer themselves to play outside the UK is the best solution.

Next, once a decision has been made. Each club will apply for permission to rent a stadium in Ireland. And notify the need to change the field of football to the European Football Federation ( UEFA ) and rival clubs according to temporary circumstances.

The conclusion of the new arena must be made within the next 24 hours for the organizers. Rival clubs and fans to prepare for travel / accommodation arrangements .