The most accurate way to stop a nosebleed

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When children or even some adults have a congenital disease, namely nosebleeds caused by ruptured capillaries in the nasal cavity. may be caused by irritation Nasal septum injury Blow your nose hard The air pressure changes when going uphill. or get on a plane Respiratory infections, cold air, low humidity, and other respiratory diseases

But what everyone misunderstands. is first aid or the correct way to stop nosebleeds Because many people probably have seen the image of a person with nosebleeds looking up. stuffing nose with tissue or even put ice on the forehead

The most accurate way to stop a nosebleed

  1. Squeeze your nose , since most nosebleeds exit through the anterior septum. which has a lot of small blood vessels Pinching your nose will help stop the bleeding.
  2. Sitting with a straight back will help force the volume. and decreased blood pressure because the head is higher
  3. bow slightly to prevent blood from entering the throat which may cause irritation or choking
  4. Open your mouth to breathe, because while squeezing your nose instead of mouth breathing

Do this for about 5 minutes. If it doesn’t stop flowing, do it again until it stops. But if it doesn’t really stop Hurry up to see a doctor. 

Things to do after a nosebleed

  1. Stop all active activities and rest
  2. Lie down with your head elevated slightly, relax and listen to music to help relieve stress. to help reduce heart rate and high blood pressure
  3. Beware of forceful straining, coughing, or sneezing.
  4. Cold compresses may help.

next time if you meet someone Nosebleeds again. Do this to ensure that the nosebleeds stop flowing quickly. no side effects definitely more But if the nose bleeds too often, it is best to consult a doctor. because you may be at risk for other respiratory diseases or tumors in the nasal cavity 

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