Starving “dinner” does not help “lose weight”

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Anyone who is thinking of losing weight by starvation method stop thinking. In addition to not really helping to lose weight, it also destroys health .

Information from UFABET indicates that many people believe that If you want to lose weight “Stop dinner. losing weight fast”. Because he saw that dinner was not important. Can not be dangerous In addition, the weight is also lost quickly. But it is actually a wrong idea and very destructive to one’s health.

Why is “skipping dinner” dangerous to health?

Because when I skipped dinner for a while Our body will reduce energy consumption and metabolism. Makes the metabolic system inefficient But our body cannot endure fasting for a long time. Finally had to give up and come back to eat dinner as usual. Which is the result “Yo-Yo effect” can be thin for a while, then bounce back, gaining more weight

Therefore, good weight loss should not starve. But reduce and avoid some foods such as oily food, fried food, desserts, and choose foods that are easy to digest, high in fiber, or focus on protein, such as blanched vegetables and chili paste. Soup with egg tofu, pork steak, chicken breast steak or yogurt, and don’t forget to exercise at the same time.

How to eat dinner without getting fat?

Asst. Prof. Dr. Jintana Yang-Aree, Lecturer of Community Nutrition Department nutrition research institute Mahidol University Tell secrets to eating dinner without getting fat as follows

  1. Limit the amount of food at dinner. Let’s be the lowest energy meal. If breakfast we eat 40% or about 700 kilocalories, lunch may be divided into 35% or approximately 600 kilocalories and dinner is only 25% or approximately 500-400 kilocalories. Calories. That’s the emphasis on breakfast. and reduce the amount at dinner in line with the clock of life in the morning The beginning of the day will require the most energy for the body. And there should be food in the stomach between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM, so dinner is the meal that we should eat. But don’t give too much there.
  1. Calorie counting is difficult. But we can make a rough estimate with our eyes by choosing that breakfast we eat 1 big plate, lunchtime eat ¾ of the plate, and dinner eat ½ plate, and try to choose food from all 5 food groups in each meal. By reducing eating foods that are high in animal fat, starch and sugar in the evening. Emphasis on more fruits and vegetables
  2. Dinner should focus on easy-to-digest, low-fat foods such as milk protein, eggs, fish, chicken, and avoid fried foods. Difficult-to-digest seafood such as grilled meatballs, grilled pork, fried sausages, fried pork, etc.
  3. Choose to have dinner 4-6 hours before bedtime. Don’t eat too late. And don’t eat too long in advance either. The right time to eat dinner is 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., so that we can go to bed at 10:00 p.m. and all the food in the stomach is already digested before falling asleep. Sleeping 4-6 hours after eating can also reduce the risk of acid reflux disease as well.

Do not forget that the key to losing weight. It’s not about reducing the meal. But it is to control the amount of food eaten so as not to have more energy than the body needs to use. So when we reduce the amount of food to fit. and exercise to build strength for the heart and strengthen the muscles to be firm and in proportion We shouldn’t have to worry about weight being just a number on the scale anymore.