Foods that are friendly to people with anemia.

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People with anemia should focus on eating foods that are high in iron. Because iron helps in the creation of red blood cells. Therefore, it may help treat anemia. You may consider 5 types of food as follows: 

1. Red meat

Red meat, such as beef, is a source of protein that provides energy to the body. It is also rich in high amounts of iron. Therefore, it is a protein that is suitable for people with anemia. 85 grams of beef steak provides approximately 1.5–2.5 milligrams of iron. Which is 13–15% of the amount that the body should receive per day UFABET

2. Offal

Organs, especially liver, are another food that is a good source of iron. 42 grams of chicken liver provides approximately 5.1 milligrams of iron, which is 28% of the amount that the body should receive per day. The liver is also high in vitamin B9 or folate, which folate has the ability to help produce red blood cells. In addition to the liver People with anemia may also choose to eat parts of the heart, kidneys, or tongue.

3. Seafood

Seafood, especially shellfish or fish such as mussels,  oysters, tuna, and mackerel, is also a food that people with anemia should eat. This is because these seafood contain high amounts of iron. It also has other nutrients. Including vitamin B12, iodine, selenium, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids. That are beneficial to health.

Examples of iron content in seafood include: 85 grams of cooked mussels provides approximately 5.7 milligrams of iron. Which is 32% of the daily amount that the body should receive.

4. Green leafy vegetables 

Green leafy vegetables such as spinach,  kale, and cruciferous vegetables. There are many types of nutrients that are beneficial to people with anemia. Including iron, vitamin B9, vitamin C and carotenoid antioxidants. Examples of iron content in leafy green vegetables: 1 cup of cooked spinach provides approximately 6.4 milligrams of iron. Which is 36% of the daily allowance.